Easter Aftermath

What to do with all those Easter leftovers


I don’t know about ya’ll but I am a chronic over cooker. Our Easter Sunday consisted of eight adults and a one year old, yet somehow I created a feast for 20. So what do you do with all your leftover food and candy? I have rounded up some of the best leftover recipes I could find on the internet for you to try with your families.

What better way to use up your left over ham than in a Monte Cristo can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Add a sprinkle of powder sugar and some maple syrup and it’s sure to please adults and kids alike! (She Wears Many Hats)

After stealing all of my sons Easter candy (I can’t be the only one come on…) I sure could use a healthy meal or two. This easy Ham Cobb Salad hits the spot and makes me feel slightly less guilty. (Damn Delicious)

This is a recipe my mother-in-law swears by although it’s one I haven’t quite brought myself to try. Unlike me, if you like chicken salad then you’re sure to love this Ham Salad recipe. Make a sandwich for lunch or throw it on some crackers for a quick and protein packed lunch for you and the kids. (The Kitchen is My Playground)

Hardboiled Eggs:

I can’t be the only one staring at a pile of hardboiled eggs with no clue what to do with them. I can’t wait to try this Deviled Egg Macaronio Pasta Salad if I can even steal a bite before my husband eats it all. Deviled eggs are his favorite so I’m sure this isn’t going to last long. (Trial and Eater)

Hard boiled eggs in Chocolate Chip Cookies?! Who knew you could do this? I didn’t but I’m certainly willing to give this recipe a try if it uses up my leftover eggs and makes delicious cookies at the same time. Summer bod here I come. (Cookies and Cups)

A good ole’ Egg Salad Sandwich is such a great lunch option for you and the kids. It’s easy to chew for younger ones and packed with protein to keep them (and you!) full until dinner time. This recipe looks extra delicious with the added touch of cream cheese. (Spaceships and Laser Beams)


Everything But The Bunny Bark is the perfect recipe to use up a lot of that leftover Easter candy all in one recipe. Dump out all those Easter eggs straight into this chocolate bark recipe and let your kids mix it up for a fun day spent with you in the kitchen. Oh and did I mention the best part?! This recipe requires minimal dishes for a quick and easy clean up. (One Mamas Daily Drama)

Malt eggs are my absolute favorite Easter candy however after half a bag even I’m maxed out. This Robin Egg Fudge recipe is a great way to use up the rest of our malt eggs and send them to the hubby’s work for my own good. (Inside Bru Crew Life)

Easter Egg Popcorn Bars sounds like the perfect snack for family movie night this weekend! You can use so many different candy combinations in these which make them perfect to get rid of extra Easter candy. Who else is thinking Peeps would be a fun variation to this yummy recipe? (Keat’s Eats)

There you have it, a roundup of some of the best leftover recipes on the internet to help us mamas use up the leftovers from Easter instead of placing them in the depths of the refrigerator only to be found a month later.

Happy Cooking!

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